Right down to the last detail.

The availability of our steel rule products is
mainly due to our well-equipped warehouse
and the excellent partnerships with our
domestic distributors allowing us very short
response times.
GOOD SERVICE.<BR>Right down to the last detail.-
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Standard products are available for shipping one day after ordering.
This provides our customers with a very flexible and secure situation to serve their
customers. For special products or custom-made modifications we ensure a delivery time within ten days, often quicker.
We work with the most modern state-of-theart production lines, especially in cutting, hardening and grinding of strip steel products. The high availability of our steel rules also has a big impact on the lot size and gives you the advantage of ordering just
in time inventory.

PRODUCTION POSSIBILITIES<BR>for custom-made steel rule products-

for custom-made steel rule products

  • height reduction of steel rules
  • bevel sharpening
  • edge hardening
  • perforating, punching for various increments of notching or spacing
  • cut to length
  • different coiling directions and inside diameters
  • available coatings via outside vendors ie. teflon and tin-coated cutting edge
  • OEM blades for custom use



All your needs from one hand.
Helmold offers a wide range of products for nearly every application for the diecutting industry. It is your advantage to get all your flat rule cutting products from our totally integrated group. As pioneers in the world of rules, we developed and were the first to produce cutting, creasing, perforating, zipper and wave rules.

Cutting rule is designed to cleanly cut
through the material being processed.

Perforating rule is designed to make
alternate cuts in paper so that the material
can be cleanly separated. This is widely
used in the production of business forms.

Creasing rule is used to make a crease or
score in material to create a flexible bend
without the material cracking.

Combination Cut and Crease rule is used
when it is necessary for an alternate cut
and crease to be used to assist in the
folding of a carton or box.

Narrow top is unique in that the face is
thinner than the body, which produces a
finer bead without a major change in die
construction kerf.

Wave rule has a more specialized
application. It is used for design effect in
making greeting cards and novelties as
well as many other products. Helmold has
developed a special wave rule with a slot
in the center that is used as a tear strip for
carton applications.

Zipper or Tear Edge rule was developed by
Helmold to produce a tear strip in cartons
and corrugated boxes. This rule is
available in over fifteen standard styles.