Helmold is the only producer of wave and zipper rules
with the rule shape spread over the complete height of the rule. This gives the rule a very exact form and a very precise line in the center of the rule and a much higher stability. Helmold is offering the wave rule in multiple numbers of standard dimensions and also provides the possibility for new customized versions.

ThicknessDescriptionType of WaveLengthDim. ADim. B
1.5 ptFine AngleFull Body27.250.1230.050
1.5 ptMedium AngleFull Body26.50.1850.065
1.5 ptCoarse AngleFull Body24.750.2250.095
1.5 ptDeckle EdgeFlat Body30--
2 ptFine AngleFull Body29.250.1330.045
2 ptMedium AngleFull Body28.50.2200.065
2 ptCoarse AngleFull Body270.3840.112
2 ptDeckle EdgeFlat Body30--
2 ptScalloped AngleFull Body28.50.4930.098
1.5 ptClose WaveFull Body25.750.1640.084
2 ptCorrugatged EdgeFlat Body30-0.043
3 ptCorrugated EdgeFlat Body30-0.050
3 ptMicroFlat Body30-0.040
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